Calendar of other Sky Camps 2023

Calendar of other Sky Camps 2023

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There are several Sky Camps around the country each year, here are just some of them in 2023.
Check with the organisers directly; this information may be out of date due to local circumstances.

LAS Autumn Equinox Sky Camp 9 - 16 October

Kielder Spring Star Camp 15 - 20 March
Haw Wood Farm Spring Astronomers 16 - 23 March
Kelling Heath Spring Skycamp 17 - 24 April (Contact Kelling direct)
Go Stargazing Brecon AstroCamp 22 - 24 April
National Parks Dark Skies Festivals (various)
Birmingham Winterfest 9 - 13 November

If you would like us to add your own Sky Camp to this page please complete an email via the Contact us page.

All images taken at LAS Autumn Sky Camp